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08/26/12: Copperhead Certain

Copperhead Certain
Finally after 35 years searching,
and less than a mile from my house.


Had just started a ride and was spinning up a hill easy on the Sugar Loaf bypass (while nursing my IT band), when I looked down on the side of the road, took another several strides (then a couple more) and thought, "That was most definitely a Copperhead!"

Turned back and stopped to confirm then blasted back home to grab Widder's iPhone to get back in time for this photo.

Could have gone slower, because the Copperhead was dead, and another was mashed in the road nearby.

By next day it had already been moved into the road (either by crows or dog walkers) and was mashed up beyond recognition.

Showed the photo to Mary and she exclaimed, "Well, I sure never saw a snake that looked like that before!"

Copperhead Certain Closeup

Finally after 35 years searching (and 7 years after the first Copperheads NOT article) I finally found one... and less than a mile from my house.

Would really have preferred it did not have to die in order for me to find it.

Follow-up again 06/14/21


Copperhead Certain Closeup

w/M-R on Goose Pond road near bottom of 2nd hill going out; Bs photos with Ms iPhone 11; closeup is at 2x zoom due was agitated into strike position; distance shot for location context, note blacktop edge; had surprisingly small head and maybe gravid

Copperhead Certain Long Shot




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