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Paparazzi Asshole

Well, some fucking Paparazzi asshole finally caught the train wreck which is the current state of affairs with the American Road Cycling President, Bob Fugett, on film.

Below is SlingShot trying to make a getaway on leaving Barnes & Noble in Paramus, New Jersey 07/21/05. Generally, Mr. Fugett finds a little peace and comfort in the book stacks at The Great Wall of Books, but this night he ran into some turdbrain with a new digital camera,  just itching to garner their own 15 seconds of fame off the coattails of Shot. So, the flashes started pouring out, while passers-by headed for cover, or stood agape at the flurry of interest and activity.

One of those agape bystanders has had their features removed from the photo below in order to avoid American Road Cycling having to pay them shock and awe modeling fees. We also deleted the audio snippet so they could not be recognized through the New Reality voice recognition software that monitors conversations wherever people gather. But we can report them as saying to their cell phone, "No not Sting, Sling. Really, I'm not lying! Yes, at Barnes & Noble...Really, SlingShot. I'm serious!"

The only thing that American Road Cycling President, Bob (SlingShot) Fugett, hates more than actually having to talk to people, is having his photo taken. However, in this case it serves him right; because, when this Paparazzi asshole tried to talk to him, Mr. Fugett pushed him away and exclaimed, "Get the fuck away from me jerk." When the shithead continued following and staring at Bob (apparently thrilled beyond words at having his little brush with fame), our esteemed President further exclaimed, "Take a picture, dickwad1. It'll last longer!"

So there you have it.

We are publishing this photo despite SlingShot's vehement warnings not to do so. Really, what's he going to do? Stop talking to us?

But just in case you are wondering why Bob is smiling like a goosed frog, even though he hates:

1) talking to ANYBODY
2) having his photo snatched

Please, remember that the only thing Bob does love more than life is when his wife Mary (The Black Widow) Endico gets harassed, and the only thing she hates more than being seen with Bob in public is having her own picture taken. Voilá.

That is Mary with her back to the camera, her arms clinched around her torso, making a beeline into the parking lot. Witnesses recall she was muttering as she shuffled away, "Oh jeez...oh, fuck me...oh jeez."

photo Copyright © 2005 (Twin) George Meyer
smile by
Gulak 2005

For better, more truthful photos (authorized by SlingShot), see: Presidential Photo.

Below is an update photo submitted by the offending Paparazzi 07/23/04:

photo Copyright © 2005 (Twin) George Meyer

Note the obviously happier attitude of The Black Widow once SlingShot is out of the picture. Somebody probably called her spry.


1. This is not a reference to the Famous Dickwad that Paul Latrine recently fit and sold an Ottrott to.























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