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The Ride Choice Help File
Make the ride choice!

Everything described below will be fine tuned as the users of the system decide what is useful, and what is not. That statement is of course predicated on the assumption that somebody (a Ride Leader) will eventually use these RIDES pages. If you have happened on this web site, and do not know the players involved, rest assured there are numerous rides going out every day of the week in Orange County, NY and environs... whether or not they are posted here.


Here is the logic:

The Radio Buttons default to the current date, showing today's rides when first opened. Rides scheduled for the future appear under "Future" and are automatically included on its day's radio button if less than a week away. A ride is automatically dropped from publication after its date has passed unless it is designated a "Weekly" ride, in which case it remains on its day's radio button until specifically removed. In any case, clicking the Check to publish ride checkbox on the Rides Entry Form toggles a rides publication on/off following the logic given above.

Rides dropped from publication remain available to Ride Leaders (or Public) using their Rides Entry Form , so they may be edited and rescheduled with only a few keystrokes.


Drop Down



  Go ride is going out
  No no ride today
  Off off season
  Alt alternate plans, such as different start location
  Cancelled ride is no longer offered
  SUN-SAT days of week
  Road Trip not everything happens close to home and on a single day (indeterminate length)
LEVEL   AA to Ultra-Poker, most difficult to easiest
  Walk no need to get out of shape due to bad weather, some "rides" are hikes
  Spin Class Your ride development is actually a series of events occurring at the molecular level. That means it takes a lot of work and real improvement comes rather slowly. Plus this is all very "cycling muscles" specific. If you can't get on the road, you'd better get in a class
DESCRIPTION   persistent information about the ride, such as standard location, distance, terrain, contact info
NOTES   Changes to the standard ride for any given day or time period. Generally the only task a ride leader must perform is to change the STATUS field when required. The edit forms are set up so that only altered fields will be updated on SUBMIT.



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